Nantucket Sheers & Shades

Nantucket® Window Shades

Nantucket™ shadings are sensibly priced sheers that allow you to enjoy the beauty of natural sunlight as you control 3” vanes that are suspended between two sheer facings. With limited fabrics and operating systems, you can enjoy a stylish, economical choice for sheers and shadings. For more light control Nantucket™ shadings also come with Sunscreen privacy shadings fabric so that you can enjoy the look of Nantucket™ while enjoying the benefits of a screen shade. Protect you furnishings from harmful UV rays and reduce the glare from sunlight with your Nantucket™ shadings. Enjoy easy operations with cordless shades, or with a retractable cord or loop cord for child safety. Nantucket™ Shadings also come in a motorized version for touch of a button control from your remote, tablet or home automation system. Nantucket™ Shadings are guaranteed under Hunter Douglas’ Limited Lifetime Guarantee.
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